The Little Big Princess


The Little Big Princess

Based on “The little prince” by Antoine De Saint Exupery

Co-creators and directors

Karim Galici and Veronica Rodriguez



We are independent theater directors, who are creating an immersive sensorial theater production inspired by the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We met each other while studying with the company Teatro de los Sentidos in Barcelona in 2013. Since then we have done four immersive sensorial theater productions together. The project is divided into two part; actors and collaborators will take an intensive workshop on sensorial theater, after learning some of its techniques, the participants of this workshop will practice what they have learned by developing the show of the Little Big Prince and performing alongside other actors at the end of April/2018 (or the the first week of May). We want this project to be impactful for the community and the participants of the show. Part of the proceeds will go to charity Cradle to Crayons because of their dedication towards the wellbeing of children. The world is becoming more digital and technological every day, people are craving immersive experiences that make them feel connected with others and within themselves. We want to open the project for artist in the community, not only performers who want to explore what sensorial theater is about. There is space for amateur and professional actors and artist who are serious about collaborating and staging a production.

Karim Galici and Veronica Gotay Rodriguez



Sensorial theater is a type of performance that uses sensory inputs and scenography as an important element of storytelling in a production. Stories are told using smells, installations, darkness, taste, sounds, interactions with touch and intimate settings. Everything is put together to make the audience feel fully present in the production, making them an active participant of the narrative in the story. They are usually intimate immersive shows. Its theater that uses the whole body as a communication tool.



The workshop will consist of different playful games in which participants deepen their  connection to their bodies, play with their sense of perception, and expand curiosity to what our mind and body can really do when we trust our intuition.

  • The human body is a wonderful machine and it has physical sensory memory that can be stimulated by our sense of touch, hearing, smell, sight, and taste. This experience goes way beyond our physical beings, opening little drawers in our subconscious mind, drawers we thought were closed or nonexistent. Each sense will be studied on its own to experience its connection with our subconscious mind.
  • We will have a holistic approach to movement, connecting with others by letting the others connect with us. It all comes natural to our bodies when we learn to let it speak for us and most importantly letting ourselves listen to it.
  • This beautiful poetical language leads us to a playful environment in which we will play with our sense of perception, our intuition, encourage curiosity, and explore different rhythms, darkness and light, and the importance of the space. We will explore how we can charge a space with enough elements that the space itself tells the story.



The Little Big Prince is an intimate show. The audience will travel (depending on space, in roller beds) visiting six installation planets, which represent the different planets the Little Prince visits in his journey. Each planet with its own sensory input. It’s like a lucid dream where audience members get to interact with the story. The last planet the audience visits it’s a cartographer’s planet for which we will create a giant pop-up book. This book will be a portal into another world. The book will opens like a door into a desert (created with fabrics, image projections, sand, and puppets). We are mixing a lot of artistic elements like artist installations, performing arts and puppetry to make this timeless story come alive. We want to provide that space where the audience, big and small, can find themselves in a story, a place where they can move, they can touch, and they can feel their surroundings.



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